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Set of full body exercises

Re-vitalise your body and reset your head with this full-body training. This session offers countless different exercise combinations regardless of your experience or fitness level. Designed for people with everyday physical and mental health ups and downs. Tone your muscle, increase your endurance levels, and drop some fat cells. Using the 40s on and 20s off format, you will be doing a mix of bodyweight exercises with endurance training and using different equipment to keep the sessions fun but challenging.



Enjoy the freedom of movement

Mobility targets specifically the joints in the entire body to allow better efficiency so that the movements in the body feel easy and no compromise needs to be made by muscle or other body parts. It is the best way to get rid of lower or upper back pain. Until you try, you don’t know how limiting are to your movements the restrictions in your body. Flexibility comes and goes; however mobility is permanent. The session offers a long fix for your issues and will prevent you from further injuries.

Body Balance

Improve muscles endings around the joints

This session offers a strength and conditioning workout for anyone with joint stability issues. The likes we call lack of balance, lack of flexibility and weak muscles. The session will guide you through different mobility exercises and highlight the importance of strengthening the muscles around specific joints which must be strengthened to avoid future problems. Get rid of pains in your body, strengthen it and rejuvenate your mind.

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LBT - Legs Bums Tums

Improve your core, glut and lower body strength

Legs Bums and Tums workout is great for anyone who wants to shape, define, and transfer their lower body, as it is a brilliant calorie session targeting specific areas in need of some help. It is also great if you just want to get fit and stronger or simply just raise your stamina. The class consists of different bodyweight, resistance band and weight exercises with a hint of intensity. The training is using a 30s on and 30s off or 40s/20s format to get you in shape and challenge you all the way for long lasting results. All exercises offer a different variety, so it is adjusted to your fitness level.


Great fut burner

A great combination of box and high intense workout. This class is a great fat burning session with focus on fitness and toning. During this class you can expect to learn basic boxing moves and combos paring. Fit-box also involves a lot of intense movements, footwork and can involve body or moderate weight exercises. You will loose fat and build muscles - perfect combination ! Suitable for all levels.


Summer Shred

A high intensity session that must be taken seriously

Short bursts of intense exercises alternated with recovery periods using the 40s on and 20s off format. A mix of bodyweight exercises with endurance training and using different equipment to keep the sessions fun but challenging. Exercises are adjusted to your own fitness level and we will be there to push you to the next level in your fitness journey. Ready, steady, beach body!

FST - Functional Strength Training

Daily movements made easy

Performing every day exercises have never been easier. This session works the entire body with emphasis on core strength and stability. The workout mirrors everyday life movements, like squats, pulling or pushing, carrying heavy objects and builds strength that increase the quality of your life and prevent you from injuries. The exercises are based around overall mobility and basic strength. Whether you are a beginner or on an advance level the class will challenge you either way.


Kettlebell Training

Set of kettlebell exercises

Kettlebell training is a great session with various weights 6-16kg kettlebells with focus to build endurance and power. Movements used during this workout challenge almost every muscle in your body. Use momentum, deceleration, stabilisation and centre of gravity outside of hands. This session get your heart rate up in a whole different way than cardio. It's perfect class for those who loves challenging, intense workout with extra weights. Perfect to improve coordination, strength, burn calories and have fun.


Improve strength after pregnancy

We provide a safe and gentle start to your fitness journey when you feel ready for exercising. Please consult with your doctor before beginning to exercise again. You might feel that you do not recognise your body, feeling weaker and less energetic. Do not worry, this is normal. Exercising after birth will help you to get back in shape and get stronger with a mild and mindful approach. Your abdominals, lower back, pelvic floor muscles are weaker. Your ligaments and joints are more supple therefore applying a slower gentle approach is what we recommend to avoid injuries. The training will help both with your mental and physical state. All sessions regardless of the group classes are adjusted to the individual with a massive team support. Please get in touch for further questions or advice.


Open Gym

Enjoy the outdoor venue with functional gym equipment

Book your own outdoor training spot with fitness equipments on a hourly basis . Do you own thing or ask for professional help. Outdoor Fitness equipment includes: weights, kettlebells, hex dumbbells, short and long resistance bands, skipping ropes, exercise bars, bench, 3-in-1 plyo box, rowing machine and airbikes.

Free Health M.O.T.

Health and physical assessment

This session meant to provide an overall health check regarding your present health and lifestyle conditions. It will also give an insight into how your body is coping and functioning in regards to the following areas: endurance, strength and mobility. We recommend it to anyone how is curious and cares about their own health to undergo this assessment however you might also have specific reasons in mind such as health concerns or fitness related plans. Body-fat reading and lifestyle advice is also part of this 20 minute thorough assessment with advices to take away and to build them in into your life-style for long lasting results. Remember, health is wealth!